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When you’re looking for Utah roofers, we know you have a lot of choices. You want a reputable roofer, with the proper licensing and insurance, training and certifications to get your job done right.

You want the best roofing repair or replacement you can get, and you want it for a fair and reasonable price. Working with decent people is always a plus too. Nobody wants to get “taken for a ride”. Suddenly, you have fewer choices. Sadly, we’ve all heard the horror stories about unscrupulous operators amongst home-improvement contractors.

These are the reasons we are totally committed to excellence in our trade… so you get the right roofer. When taking care of people in Weber County and the surrounding northern UT area, we believe in operating with ethics and integrity. We believe in providing top-quality (no pun intended) when you ask us to repair or replace your roof. We believe in treating people the same way we’d want to be treated. We believe that by doing all this, we can help you narrow things down and make your choice much easier.

We know it’s not necessarily fun when you have to call us to take care of problems with your roof. We do our best to keep it light and make your experience as pleasant as possible, while getting the job done right. On time, and on-budget.

Roof repairs and maintenance are a common request. A hail or wind storm might have damaged your roof. Perhaps a leak has appeared, or you’ve noticed visible damage. Tree damages could occur from falling branches, or even a tree too close to the house beating on the roof in the wind and weather.

Your shingles could be old and worn out… cracked and sun damaged.

A leaky roof is never fun, and creates problems that only become worse and more expensive to deal with if it’s not taken care of quickly. 90% of roof leaks are caused by improper installation or defective metal flashing. Flashing is the metal found near any roof penetration area, like the chimney areas, step, apron, and valley areas where roof angles join together.

There are many reasons a roof may be damaged and in need of repair or replacement. We can help you get your residential roofing or your commercial roofing project handled.

Roofing Ogden Utah

As a Commercial Roofing Contractor in UT we handle flat or low slope roofing, steep roofing, roofing repairs, tapered systems, metal roofing systems, and more including commercial re-roofing, new construction, or repair. From tar and gravel to reflective roof coatings, to elastomeric restoration and repair and much more, we can help with multi-family roofing, churches and houses of worship, manufacturing buildings, industrial roofs, restaurants, apartments, warehouses, offices, assisted living facilities, private school buildings and more. Call us for your no obligation bid, quote, or estimate fro your commercial roofing needs.

As a Northern Utah Residential Roofing Contractor we can take care of roof damages and leaks by repairing your roof, roof replacement; or sometimes the issues will include ventilation or insulation problems that need to be addressed. New shingles, roof patch, from composition to copper… we’ve got you covered.

We bring you a history of installing new high quality roofs at a fair price. We deal in composition shingles, impact resistant shingles, metal roofing, wood shake roofing, tile roofing, stone coated steel, slate and tile, faux–or simulated slate and tile roofing materials, standing seam metal, custom sheet metal and flashings, low slope residential products, gutters and diverters. Whether you’re moving, it’s new construction, or you have hail, storm, or wind damage… you’ve found the source to take care of all your roofing needs.

Want the best quality? Best price? Outstanding service? Be sure to give us a call and get a bid on your roofing project. We’ll be happy to provide you an estimate and make sure you fully understand what needs to be done, so you can be certain when you get a quote you are comparing apples and apples.

We provide roofing services in Ogden UT and the surrounding areas, including:

Ogden, Roy, Hooper, Hill Afb, Clearfield, Layton, Syracuse, Willard, Eden, Kaysville, Huntsville, Farmington, Morgan, Mantua, Brigham City, Paradise

Utah Zip Code Areas we Serve:

84015, 84016, 84025, 84037, 84040, 84041, 84050, 84056, 84067, 84075, 84089, 84201, 84244, 84302, 84310, 84315, 84317, 84324, 84328, 84340, 84401, 84402, 84403, 84404, 84405, 84407, 84408, 84409, 84412, 84414, 84415

If you need our help and you are outside of our posted service area, feel free to give us a call. Depending on circumstances we can often still help you out.

We aim to be the best Ogden Roofing Contractor you can find for all your residential or commercial¬†roofing¬†needs. Call now; we’re excited to help you get your roofing project done right!

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Roofing Ogden Utah